Need clip art? Meet Clip Art Engine

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We have been creating our own unique artwork for years. Now we are making a lot of the graphics we have used for our educational based projects available to you through our new website, Clip Art Engine. The royalty-free clip art can be used on both your personal and commercial projects.

Clip Art Engine is comprised of three main ingredients. All of the design we list are professional quality, really easy to use, and include a hassle-free license. We strived to make the whole process of making content as streamlined as possible.

Please test our service by downloading our free clip art starter kit and see if we are right for you. We plan on adding more free and paid content every month. Also make sure to see our entire clip art catalog and clip art store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Algebra Worksheets…There’s a Website for That

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Algebra is a fascinating subject that really does have real world applications even if students fail to see it during their studies. The biggest problem with learning algebra is that it is hard. Yes, I said it! Algebra is challenging but that doesn’t mean students should fail. The Little Engine That Could made it up the hill so why shouldn’t algebra students.

There are a number of online algebra resources that can assist students on their journey. We have developed one called Algebra Worksheets.  This website has free elementary algebra, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2,  intermediate algebra,  and algebra word problems worksheets. All of the complimentary worksheets can be downloaded, and printed. They can also be completed online via the computer or a tablet device like the iPad.