About Learning Yay!

Learning Yay! is a small family owned business. We create and operate educational websites and apps. We have created over a thousand free worksheets and printables. We also developed a free online educational app for our Kindergarten Worksheets website. This app gives kids the opportunity to use our free worksheets a computer or tablet device.

Learning Yay! Team


Hi! My name is Stan and I am a former kindergarten teacher. I also homeschool my daughter with my wife. I used to download worksheets and activities from the web often. The roles have reversed somewhat and now I help create worksheets and activities. I do several jobs for Learning Yay! including being the head web developer.


Hello! I’m Ryoko and I am the main graphic designer for Learning Yay!. I am also a mom who is homeschooling a child so I understand the challenges parents face finding quality and affordable resources online. I hope our educational materials are helpful.


Hi! My name is Katherine. I am also a graphic designer like my mom. I love to draw cute animals and cartoons. Most of my work can be found on one of our other websites that has hundreds of free coloring pages.